F+F Unpacking and Review!

I placed an order with Fanplusfriend a month ago to order a lovely OP that was on sale so as to have a new item in time for a Lolita fashion show I'm participating in. The dress made me to my specs, so it's a custom fit. It arrived today, let's go!

The package came via DHL but Speedee had a hand in the final delivery. Everything was in tact in those plastic bags that are absolutely impossible to open without scissors.

What be this?! Looks like more than just a dress in here...

Well, would you look at that? I got some free gifts. A drawstring tote bag with the brand name and some pretty art, as well as a simple but cute headband.

I'd heard recently that some people who had ordered custom items from F+F were getting some small accessories as gifts with their order, but I was genuinely surprised to receive something as well.

For the piece de resistance - we have the dress itself.The fabric is super soft and drapes nicely, just like advertised. I haven't worn it yet, but as soon as I play around with coordinating, I'll post more photos.

Ah, black never photographs well!

Customer Service: They were super prompt about processing payment and asking for further clarification on measurements.

Shipping: Arrived timely, in one piece.

Construction/Quality: Pretty excellent, if I say so myself. I'm happy with it.


  1. I love this dress. I've been looking at it for a while, myself. Can't wait to see how you coordinate it!

  2. It looks nice and looks like something you could wear casually too. I have heard good things about Fan plus Friend.