Closet Purge....Lolita's on the chopping block.

Well it's the new year, so I've gotten serious about cleaning out my closet (and my life, but that's a whole other post!) and I decided that I would include some Lolita in this purge. But honestly, I wasn't sure what exactly to do with the stuff I'd like to purge.

So why not give it away!?

There are a lot of newbs in the local community that could probably use some nice stuff - even if it IS only handmade and Bodyline.

Still, going through my crammed section of Lolita goods and deciding what stays or goes is a very painful process. But I have settled on a few pieces that definitely need to go.

I've got three Bodyline dresses and one handmade JSK ready for donation, along with a skirt/cape set, a handmade skirt, and a vintage offbrand blouse. I've also got some headbands and such to give away, if anyone wants them.

Now, I'm only doing a local giveaway because I don't have the funds for shipping anything out nor do I have adequate transportation to drive to meetups. If people are interested, they'll have to come and take a look at it themselves. Capiche? Awesome...

Anyways,...I made this post because I'm committing to this act no matter how stressful or painful it is. So yeah...


  1. Good for you, a clearout can be really healthy!

  2. Well done :) This will make someone very happy and can lighten your mental and physical burdens.