Bodyline Review: Card OP and matching socks!

On Halloween I put in an order for a dress I'd been eyeing on Bodyline for some time. I hadn't really seen anyone else with it so I wasn't sure if I should order it - but I finally caved in and added it to my cart. Along with a pair of socks that matched nicely.

It took well over three weeks to arrive and I was about ready to contact Bodyline and suggest that MAYBE it had gotten lost in the mail but at the last moment I received a summons to the post office so I could retrieve my package.

Everything was packaged nicely in these little plastic bags - as is Bodyline standard so no complaining there.

The socks are SO adorable! I completely love them - even when worn the little bunny-bear character doesn't stretch out awkwardly.

The bow came as part of the dress and while I'll probably keep it there it would work nicely as a head bow as well.

The dress itself is something that I would normally find a little out of my style comfort. I mean - it's a print for one thing. A busy one at that and my Lolita style has always been a bit subdued and dark. But I adore it and I can't wait to wear it.

The only downside I've heard from people is that the fabric will fade REALLY BADLY if you wash it. That's unfortunate but something that can easily be worked around and if I really find I have a need to immerse it in water there are plenty of solutions that you can soak fabric in to prevent bleeding and fading. So I could always give those a try and see what happens.

Socks - 
Bow - 
Dress - 

And a bonus pic!


  1. 1) Your hair looks super adorable. I just had to mention that.

    2) Good to know! I'd been wondering about that dress (though I'm hesitant to buy because I'm so busty. *sigh*)

  2. @Emily: I got boobz too, no worries. The fabric itself has some light stretch and with the shirring/lacing in the back you'll have no problem.

  3. I usually don't like prints but this one is very cute, and your new dress is extremely pretty <3 I like its puffy sleeves and that bow around the neck.
    And you look so good with your new cut! ^^