Of blue moons and warm summer evenings....

I'm finished with school now. All of my stuff is officially moved out of the dorm apartment too. So I'm mostly stowed away at my mom's place, though I'm still trying to figure out where to put all my stuff. Was my old room always this small?!

Last Friday, I walked to the post office (which is downtown and a ways from where I live) and picked up my package from Tomomi. I didn't even wait until I got in the house to start tearing it open. I think I understand now, why some people can justify paying so much for brand - especially Moitie. I'm still not a HUGE fan, but I can understand now.

This is the Silent Moon Long OP and it's just....lush! Seriously, Moitie's quality is top tier. Even the lace ribbon that winds around the waist stretches.

I was a little hesitant as to whether this dress was going to fit, as the Hello Lace measurments weren't very forgiving, but since the OP is shirred at the waist it was no problem at all. The dress fits like a dream and is the perfect length for me.

If it wasn't 90 bazillion degrees outside today, I'd probably be wearing it. But alas...

However, when I do don this dark and dream confection of a gown, I will indeed post photos to let you judge for yourself it's fit and beauty. Laterz!~


  1. Yes, it really is. I'm so happy about it too!

  2. Wow, it's super beautiful! I'm looking forward to see it worn!

  3. Unlike many goth brands, lolita brands usually give you quality in exchange for good money :)