Things You Didn't Know About Me

For many of us Lolita bloggers, we don't talk about our personal lives all that much. Mostly just the fashion and things related to it in some way. So often, I feel, like we can easily start to make assumptions about the bloggers we follow: assumptions about their income level, their home life, their values and goals in life.

I've been thinking a lot lately about what people might assume about me....and while I don't necessarily mind it if people want to think I'm a super successful college student with money to blow on pretty things,  that's just not the case. So here are some things about me you probably would never have guessed:

1. My family lives in a mobile home:

Yup, this kind of joint. Our park is much, much nicer - yards are green, lots of people have flowers, and the homes themselves are quite a bit newer looking than this photo. You'd be surprised what kind of people live here too - older folks, couples with young kids, single adults, etc.

2. I do not have a job:

I'm 25 and I've been out of work for a long time. I donate plasma for money on the regular, but I haven't had a real job since....2007? Yeah. Now I'm just focusing on school so I can get the heck out of here and land myself a real career at some point.

3. I am cheap:

I would rather spend hours scouring a thrift store than go to the mall, or any other fashion boutique for that matter. And I'm usually looking for items I can DIY.

4. I'm a Yoga freak:

I do it almost everyday in the privacy of my own bedroom. Check out Bex Life on Youtube - she has some fantastic workout vids!

5. I write Fanfiction:

No, no, no. Before you even ask, I DO NOT even dabble in that nonsense yaoi business. Nor do I conjure up obnoxious Mary Sues and make characters randomly fall in love. I just like...expansion of my favorite fandoms. Expansion well done.

6. I hardly ever watch the television:

I do, however, watch Animal Planet (Too Cute! anyone?) and I've gotten hooked on that new Hannibal show. But that's all.

7. I secretly enjoy a small amount of dubstep:

Not VERY much, mind you, and mostly just remixes of other funky songs, but I do like some of that electronic noise in the background for when I'm writing or cleaning. It's trance-like....

8. I do not keep up on Lolita Brand news:

I typically have no idea what new stuff a brand is putting out. I just can't be bothered. I don't have a dream dress. There's no brand I like better than another and thus covet all their garments. Sometimes I think that makes me strange in the Lolita world and I'm sure a lot of other girls would be appalled that I can't name very many actual items, but meh.

I'd rather make my own stuff anyways....

9. I love making things:

But I tend to get really frustrated with the process. All that measuring and cutting and sewing and fixing....I have ADD so it's hard for me to focus so intently like that all the time....especially when a nice garment is on the line. Every project usually has me in angry tears at some point.

10. I always feel inferior to the people around me:

I've struggled with a host of problems my whole life, mainly depression and anxiety. I'm being medically treated for them now but that's a lot of rebuilding and it's going to take time for me to ever be in a room of people and not feel like an ugly, useless, stupid, pile of shit. It's not as simple as telling myself I'm worth more...it takes time to start believing it. But I'm on the path to recovery, so here's to hoping!

Wow....that was a lot of personal revealing, wasn't it? Anyways, I hope maybe I've changed some minds about what kind of person I am or my background. And if not.....oh well!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! It's very touching that you're willing to tell so much about yourself on your blog. I always wonder if people would read it if I ever post about personal stuff on my blog instead of Lolita. That's why I'm commenting, to let you know that I've read it. ^-^ I hope that things get better for you, you seem like an amazing person! I will definitely check Bexlife on Youtube, maybe I'll become a yoga freak as well. ;)