52 Lolita Challenge - Week Thirteen

Lolitas I have met in Real Life

The only Lolitas that I've met in real life are the girls involved in my local community. They're all very sweet and lovely girls with their own distinct styles and personalities.

The girl on the left is Tessa, she's the only other Lolita I know of on my campus and we have Japanese class together. She's definitely more a Sweet Lolita and her favorite brand is Baby. Ava, in the red dress, is a darling seamstress who suffers from more health afflictions than anyone else I know and doesn't deserve any of it. Erin, the "tallest" in the photo is from Iowa and sold me that Moitie dress, if any of you remember!

Not pictured is also Samantha, who runs Blasphemina's Closet, the only local Lolita brand. Which is fantastic, mind you.

I've only met some of these girls a few times, but they're all wonderful and make me glad that Minnesota has one of the best Lolita communities out there!


  1. Not going to lie, this post made me pout at the computer screen. I STILL haven't been able to make it to a meet, and everybody seems so awesome...

  2. You should definitely come to one at least. I would totally like to meet you!