Of Projects Completed....

There is no greater sense of satisfaction in the world than that of completing a tedious sewing project. Well graduation from uni might be pretty high up on that list as well, but for the moment.....

It's not the best photo, nor is it even sitting on an appropriate stand, but I finally finished a dress that's been giving me trouble all of last week.

I had such a difficult time getting the gathered skirt attached to the bodice, such flimsy and slippery fabrics don't like to hold still whilst sewing. The inside looks a little wonky ( I had to fix some stuff up the best I could ) but the outside is perfectly acceptable. I also added some darts at the last second to pull it in more at the waist. MUCH better, now.

In the end, I'm glad it did turn out and hopefully one day soon I'll find a way to coordinate it. Though, given the light nature of the fabric, this might be best suited for a spring-time look.


  1. This dress is gorgeous!
    The floral pattern is so lovely, and I love that shade of pink. The square neck and the puff sleeves are so pretty. I would totally wear that dress!
    I think it's perfect for spring and summer, but it can be paired with a pastel cardigan, white tights and mary-janes even in the winter :).

  2. I was thinking I could take a real Mori-girl approach to this dress too, like with a cardigan, fur shawl, tights, and brown granny boots or something. Maybe a nice straw hat or something. That could be fun!

  3. I love how it turned out!

  4. It's really cute! Maybe you can go for a country cooordinate.