Daily Co-ord: Keeping Warm!

~Dress - handmade~
~Jacket - Target~
~Scarf - Walmart~
~Belt - WetSeal~
~Tights - Target~
~Boots - gift, dunno~

Omg, u guiz! Like, I totally wore makeup today. But seriously, I very rarely toss on anything other than some mascara and lip balm. But today I did a smokey eye with a bronze color and slicked on some eyeliner too. It's amazing....

Not really digging my lip color though. I need new lipsticks....or something.

I'm so in love with these new boots. I've been wearing them all day. My boyfriend's mom gave them to me - they're new but they didn't fit her right. So I'm generously making use of them now!


  1. Nice outfit! I like casual lolita, and this outfit is very elegant, and not exaggerated as many proper lolita outfits are. That belt is very pretty, I would never have thought to match it with lolita but it works beautifully.

  2. It's my favorite belt since it matches up so well with most of what's in my closet!