Casual Co-ord for Class!

~Skirt - Handmade~
~Blouse - thrifted~
~Belt - WetSeal~
~Socks - Target~
~Hat - thrifted~
~Boots - gift, dunno~

It's been pretty cold here lately, we're talking -14 for the highs at times. That makes it pretty tough to really dress up since all you want to do is bundle up in as many layers as possible. And I've been coveting my cozy sweats when I'm inside.....

But I felt like looking pretty today. Not gonna bother much with makeup though - I'm always afraid my mascara will freeze and crack my lashes off. Is that a paranoid fear?

Anyways, I also haven't worn this skirt since....I made it. Last year sometime. In the summer. So I'm giving it a go!

Classes are fine. I've got a Japanese kanji quiz tonight so I'm studying for that and trying to tackle three classes worth of homework as well. Wish me luck!

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