Lolita Presentation

Yesterday, for my Japanese class, my friend Tessa and I were giving a small presentation on Lolita fashion. So naturally, we decided to dress up!



What a difference, right?  Anyways, I decided to tackle Gothic Lolita, which I think I did an okay job of. Seeing as I haven't really dressed up in such a long time I'm pretty impressed with myself.

Let's go! 

We met up in Atwood, which is the student center on campus. From there, we hung out in all our Lolita finery and put together our Power Point presentation. Some people walked past us without looking. Some looked discreetly. Others glanced, stopped, and then looked again. It was admittedly, hilarious.

After that, we went downstairs in Atwood to get some food. I got myself some chicken tenders and fries with honey mustard. I needed something sufficiently greasy and filling to quell the nerves in my stomach - I hate public speaking!

You can't imagine how difficult it is trying to dip french fries and not get your wrist cuffs stuck in the honey mustard sauce. But somehow, I managed.

I also got Tessa an Egg Nog Latte at Caribou as well.

Then we went over to Lawrence hall, which houses our classroom and there is where I took a photo of Tessa in her adorable Baby, The Stars Shine Bright coordinate:

She was super adorable. I felt incredibly plain next to her, but I suppose I always feel that way when I'm in Gothic and others are in Sweet. It's just....the way it is. We are ninjas with frills, invisible to all but the most discerning eye.

The presentation went SUPER awesome! We were the first ones up and we totally nailed it and I'm super happy. Also thrilled because the professor brought some Japanese food, snacks, and drinks. I got to try barley tea for the first time ever and now I'm hooked. I plain to find a legit recipe and make my own. Seriously.

For the first day of final's week, I'd say I'm doing pretty damn good.

Outfit Rundown:
Hat - Vintage
Dress - Bodyline
Socks - Bodyline
Shoes - Target
Necklace - Target
Wrist Cuffs (not pictured) - offbrand


  1. Wow *_* I love your outfit! And you look so good in it. Actually, I like it way better than the sweet lolita attire of your friend :) (that's just my personal taste, I don't like sweet lolita, although I have to say your friend had pulled out a really good ensemble).
    Your make-up was also really good. :) I'm glad you had fun at this presentation!

  2. I love your outfit! Is so elegant!