Holiday Special: Gifts for your Lolita friend!

Holiday Special: Gifts for your Lolita Friends! 

Sweet Edition

If you're looking for the perfect gift for that Sweet Lolita friend in your life, look no further than Her Curious Elegance: a cutesy shop featuring adorable photo frames, compact mirrors, cupcake rings, and more. You can even pick up a Lucky Pack for $15. 

 and more!

Don't forget about the Lucky Pack, either. It's $15 and you get a random assortment of cute items at a $20 value. 


  1. The boxes and the photoframes are so cute <3 but it's not that difficult to make them yourself :) all you need is polymer clay and silicon, and a little bit of creativity ^^ I made boxes very similar to those a few Xmases ago and they made amazing gifts for my friends ^^

  2. This is very true, I hear they are easy to make.

    But if you're like me (a very busy college student) it's sometimes easier to buy than set aside time to make.

    You should totally post a tutorial for how to make some holiday themed stuff for Lolitas I think. ^_^