Happy Lolita Holidays!

Now that it's December, the winter holidays are looming large and I have no clue what I plan to do for any of them. So, I thought I could at least put together some decorating tips for the rest of you.

My last Christmas related posted was very Victorian themed (here) but this year I want to focus more on a modern Lolita holiday. So instead of popcorn and cranberry wreaths for your tree or mantle, I'll focus on something a bit more....cute.

Holiday Trees

One of the many decorating staples for most people who celebrate a variety of winter holidays (namely, Christmas) is the holiday tree. I've taken to calling it such because I don't celebrate Christmas but I still put up a tree because of it's pagan-y roots and because it's fun! 

There are many different ways you can do this. You can buy a pre-lit fake tree and decorate it with Lolita-esque hanging decorations. This looks especially cute if you have a small white or pink tree. Purple is a bit harder to find and silver can easily work with this as well. Here are some ideas below:

There are lot of decorating options for trees these days and fake trees of all sizes are relatively inexpensive. A quick trip down to Walmart has confirmed that I could easily pick up a small white tree for less than $30 and there was a lovely assortment of pink and purple candy and cupcake themed hanging decorations. 

To finish it off, make or buy a cute tree skirt in a matching color. I love the idea of a tree skirt that looks like the top of a giant cupcake. 

If you want to add some more holiday touches to your home and still maintain a Lolita aesthetic, why not hang up some pastel or cute colored tinsel? 


I realize that a lot of this caters more to Sweet Lolita aesthetic than anything else. But you can easily work a lot of different angles here. If you're more into Classic overall, maybe the traditional red and green theme might be more up your alley. For a Gothic Lolita, like moi, I love the idea of a white tree, purple lights, and black and white decorations. Maybe some silver garland. 

Whatever it is you celebrate, I wish you the best and the happiest of holidays. Toodles!~

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