Music Spotlight: Lolikitz!

Lolitkitz (whom I actually discovered recently because of a nasty secret posted on Behind-The-Bows) is a pop duo consisting Loli and Kitz, two cute girls with Lolita-esque style who formed a musical group together. They both hail from London and are very musically inclined, having produced works for film, television, and advertising.

Both girls are very influenced by Lolita fashion, among others such as Visual Kei and Steampunk, and they incorporate those fashions into their looks, putting their own twist on everything. Recently, they were given the opportunity to model for amateur fashion designer, DollDelight.

For more information on Lolikitz, please check out their various sites and Youtube channel:


Web Page


They will be releasing an album soon, and I intend to purchase it. I've had a listen to a few of their songs and their musical style is quite unique. Here, you can check out the video for their song, Beautiful Lies:

Let me know what you think about this group! Leave a comment below and tell me:
Would you buy their music?
Do you think it's kosher for them to wear Lolita in their act or not?
Should there be more Lolita-wearing groups out there?

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