Once upon a time "Lolita Secrets" was a community for girls to post anonymously about various Lolita topics. Whether about brand prices, the difficulty of finding a decent petticoat, or the dubiousness of Chinese Ebay sellers, most of the time it was pretty harmless.

I've been lurking there for a while now though. I suppose because I'm half-paranoid I'm going to find myself on it one day....

For those of you who don't frequent this LJ community, "Lolita Secrets" has become a forum for bashing other Lolitas, being racist, and hating on obesity behind the safety of a computer screen and no name. Granted, it's been this way for a long time, but it seems like it's getting worse. Where IS all this hostility coming from? It's amazing that some pretty clothing can bring out the worst in a group of people....

I'd like to take this opportunity to point out some rather choice (read: nasty) secrets and tear them apart.

The English here isn't so hot, but that's beside the point. This person clearly has an issue with the Lolita in pink dating the Lolita not in pink. Since when is it your business who dates whom? If they are happy together, let them be. Jealousy is not flattering on anyone.

This makes me so sad....really? I bet you don't have the guts to say that to their faces, do you? No, you're probably afraid they'll clothesline you and for good reason. Wouldn't you rather see these girls dressing in a way that makes them feel beautiful and modest as opposed to looking like crap in Walmart shorts and tank top? Think about it...moron.

They'd probably find you ugly too. Stop wearing their brand.

So, basically you're saying that anyone with dark hair who wears Moitie is a Mana cosplayer? What about anyone wearing a full AP ensemble? Aren't they cosplaying one of the designers then? Herp derp.

Oho~! And who made you the authority on "Lolita" behavior? Just curious.....

Yes, yes, you never once made a mistake. You were born wearing "burando", weren't you?

Well, I feel much better! Sometimes I simply need to get this out of my system.  And now....maybe I really will end up as a secret on this silly community. Bring it on!


  1. I'm forever paranoid about that too, lol. But you are so right.

  2. I don't think it's the pretty clothing or the frills that brings out the worst in those Lolitas, they would be as bitchy without all that ''Burando''.
    They're just petty girls(boys) with waaaay too much time on their hand and low self esteem.

    But yeah, I'm forever paranoid and that's why there isn't one picture of me in Lolita on the internet.

  3. Secrets like these make me feel like I have very naive notions about lolita fashion. I feel like clothing and the way you carry yourself is a reflection of who you are inside. So, it always bothers me to see lolitas being rude/racist/unkind/ill-mannered.

    Like, if you are going to put so much time, effort, money, etc into looking innocent, cute, and/or elegant, shouldn't your personality be the same?

    Maybe it's unfair for me to hold lolitas to a higher standard, but I just feel like if you are going to try to dress like a "lady" then you should act like one too!

    But I suppose it's uncommon to view lolita as being that involved in someone's lifestyle.

  4. I agree with namie ^ very un-ladylike..

    I included this post in my blog :) my latest post.

  5. omg...... the fat post was really rude they can be as elegant as anyone i may dont like oversize too.,.. still i think they can be as elegant as a normal perssone or even better