International Lolita Day

You know, I always seem to forget this "event" is coming up. Usually I don't hear about it until the day of or the day before and thus I have little to no time for preparing any decent coordinate. This year is was especially difficult to prepare, as I'm still in quite a bit of pain from my surgery. See, I just had the pin in my toe removed and things are rather....touchy down there right now.

And since I still can't slip into a decent pair of shoes, I figured..."why bother?"

Instead I've been working on a JSK. I've dubbed it the Rococo Fairytale JSK because of the print. It's quite similar to the dress posted below and this is actually what inspired me to make it.

I don't currently have photos but as soon as the project is finished I'll don it for a quick photo shoot. So stay tuned for that.

The other day I did dress up a little bit. It was a hot day but I still wanted to wear a Lolita dress, so I simply slipped into one of my Bodyline JSK's and topped it off with a sun hat.


  1. OMG that dress is gorgeous, I'd like to see your version!
    I hope your foot will stop to ache soon :(

  2. Happy ILD!~ I wasn't able to meet with my friends here due to rain showers... :(

    I hope you'll feel better soon. :) <3 *hugz*