Lolitas with Short Hair

Hello readers, I know it's been quite a while since I've updated with anything of substance. My apologies.

I cut my hair over the weekend. Okay, that's probably a polite way of saying it. It's more like "I hacked my hair off over the weekend" and now it's quite short.

I won't be the first to say this, but I looked quite nice with long hair. However, I find it to be a hassle to tame and control and frankly, I'm just too lazy to style it most days. With the coming summer months and my poor frizzy fried ends, I decided a cut was in order. So I hacked it off.

It's not the fanciest cut, I know, but I feel much better now that my head is lighter and my hair is healthy. But this also puts me into a conundrum. How do I style my hair to make it cute enough for a Lolita coordinate? Yes, yes, I know....I put away my Lolita stuff for 6 months...blah blah blah.

But still. It's gonna be short for a while, right?

So here are some tips for styling short hair and wearing Lolita:

1. Headbands are your best friend. They're probably the most versatile form of headgear in the Lolita fashion. They come adorned with ribbons, bows, mini hats, animal ears, and more. And depending on the type, they can also suit just about any subset of Lolita as well.

2. Hair Clips are your next best friend, or perhaps your preference if you're not one for headbands. These also come in a variety of designs and colors and can be a little bit more secure in your hair than a headband. Of course, depending on your length, you may have trouble keeping them in.

3. Hats become a lot less fussy to work with! If you're really at wit's end and you just don't know how to style your minimal tresses, plop on a hat and call it done!

4. Curl it, crimp it, or straighten it. There's no rule that says something elaborate has to be going in in your hair. Something simple like giving a bit of curl can be very cute for a toned down look or maybe for something more gothic a teased and crimped style could work well.

And, if all else fails you can simply throw a wig on it!


  1. Hey!~ Nice haircut!~ I trimmed mine too, weeks ago. And dressing up hasn't been that exciting for me even before I had a haircut. Now, I can say that I've become lazier because I always thought that I couldn't style my hair since it's shorter. :( But really... I am grateful that you've posted these suggestions. :) Maybe, one of these days I'd be able to dress up again. I really missed doing so!~

  2. I'd say, be carefull with hats and short hair, because sometimes it tends to look like you have no hair and you have to hide that you are bald.

  3. @Lunatix: I'm glad my post helped!

    @xNatje: Oh I know. I would never wear, say, a beanie with such short hair. But mini hats and sun hats are really cute with shorter hair, I think!

  4. I think short hair with lolita is absolutely adorable! The length doesn't really matter at all. It's all about how you style it.