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We don't usually think of too many people outside of the Asian community who can so flawlessly pull of that doll look. And those that try tend to look....well, creepy at best.

I present to you today: Avril Lavigne! No, she's not a Lolita. She definitely not a punk either, but I was having a look around her clothing shop's website and so much of her style would fit beautifully into various Harajuku fashion styles. Her crop top t-shirts I thought would look especially neat in a punk Lolita coordinate.

But, today she's the one meant to inspire our elegant doll-like style, and not necessarily her clothing line, so lets commence with a few photos and descriptions, shall we?

The short blonde bob and hair bow make for a rather Alice in Wonderland image, don't they?

This makeup look is the perfect alternative for Caucasian girls tired of scanning through doll-like makeup tutorials featuring only Asian girls. The eyelashes especially really invoke the essence of a porcelain doll and her eyebrows are meticulously groomed.

And hey, while we're still on the subject of creepy, instead of doing the standard pigeon-toed, wide-eyed impression, lets pose in stiff postures, just like dolls! I think this would look especially funny if Sweet Lolitas hopped on board, but would probably look just fine if a Gothic Lolita took up such silly behavior! ^_^

There are several ways in which to pull of this Avril-inspired doll look:

1. Do your hair. Be it curly ringlets, sleek and straight, pigtails, whatever. Just do up your hair. Now, you could either leave it all perfect and hair spray the bejeesus out of it so you like like a doll in mint condition or you could muss it up just a little bit to get that slightly used look. Muss up your bangs. Frizz the ends of your hair. Then spray to death.

2. This is something we already know about doll makeup, but a good base will make really pull the look together. This means foundation in a color that matches your skin tone or goes only one shade lighter. Find a foundation type that really works for you and your skin, because the last thing you want is to look like your face is peeling off right? No one wants to play with a doll that looks like that.

3. The eyes are the most important part. There's no need to draw a super thick line on top of your lashes if you don't want to. The key thing here is eyelashes, both the top and bottom. If you have really thick lashes already, a few coats of a lengthening mascara will do the trick. Everyone else should don a pair of falsies, nothing fancy. Put mascara on your bottom lashes too. If you want, you can also use a pair of small false lashes for the bottom. Don't worry about eyeliner, it's really not a necessity to the sort of look I'm imagining. Bare with me here, okay?

4. For lipstick, something light and matte. Not too many porcelain dolls are sporting shiny lips. And voila, you have yourself a simple dolly look. Don't forget a cute coordinate to match!~ Might I suggest something muted and ruffly like Avril's dress in the first photo?

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  1. Wow, who would have thought it? I definitely didn´t expect her to look like that....I really like her in the dusty pink color of the first photo....the one with the doll that´s on fire. XD