New Year Resolutions!~

Last year my New Year Resolutions included expanding and adding to my Lolita wardrobe. I'd say it was quite a fruitful endeavor ~ I purchased new dress and jsks, made skirts for myself, thrifted adorable blouses and added to my ever growing hat collection. Looking back over all I did in Lolita leaves me with a sense of accomplishment. 

The only thing I didn't quite achieve out of the resolutions was wearing it more often. I tried, surely I did, but it was either too hot, too cold, I was too tired, or the occasion was simply inappropriate. Most days I simply didn't feel like it. While I enjoyed buying the clothing and scouring over images of it, I came to realize that I had fallen out of love with actually wearing it. Nothing seemed to fit right, nothing seemed to look right, everything was just a tad bit uncomfortable.

So, my Lolita resolution this year is to put it away and not wear it at all for at least six months. This will give me time to focus on finishing up my year at university and save up money for other ventures and fashion experiments.

Fear not, fellow rufflebutts, I'm not giving up the fashion permanently and this blog certainly isn't going on hiatus. I still admire it on other people and I will definitely keep blogging about it. I'm not selling anything either, so sorry to dash your hopes in case you were hoping to buy things off me. I simply stashed it all away in a big case under my bed. Out of sight, out of mind. It is my hope that when I reopen the case and look at all the finery again - I will fall madly in love with it once more! 

But!~ This gives me time to explore other corners of the fashion world I have not shed my illumination on yet. I'm definitely interested in the more punky elements of Gyaru and I'll surely be giving that a go soon. I also miss my more traditional Goth ensembles, so look forward to a dash of that as well. 

I wish you all well in the coming year and look forward to reading your blogs!~ Cheers.


  1. :) Sad to hear that you´ll be leaving lolita for awhile, but I can´t really blame you--I´m currently feeling the same. I love lolita, but wearing it has felt like too much of a hassle lately. =.=

    Doesn´t mean that I still won´t keep an eye on your blog (yay for following blogs!), of course, because you always have interesting things to say. And I´m looking forward to any sewing projects you might have, even if they´re not lolita-related. :3

  2. ''I'm not selling anything either, so sorry to dash your hopes in case you were hoping to buy things off me.'' LOLZ XD seriously?? please GTFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Why don't you "GTFO" anonymous? XD

  4. okay now I got your attention! Could you PLEASE upload your blog more often cuz you're one of the few lolitas on blogspot that I find worth following. THANKS!
    ps: sorry for the rude comment, I had to, you you don't reply to the nice ones >.<

  5. Fair enough. I may not respond to all my comments, but be assured that I do read them!