Help a Girl out eh?

Greetings dolls, I know it's been forever since I've updated with anything interesting and frankly, I haven't even had the time or energy to deal with Lolita fashion as I've been swamped by school and personal issues.

However, I have a request of you wonderful readers! I'm doing a cultural analysis essay based around fairy tales for one of my classes, so if you have the time or mental faculties I would love to know what you think about fairy tales relating to modern culture. What kind of fairy tale elements still apply today? Are there any morals or messages in those lovely tales that relate to us today?

Please tell me anything and everything you come up with as I've become a bit stumped concerning which direction to take my essay in. Thank you so much!


  1. Hm, well related to fairy tales, I think that girls today still wait for their "Prince Charming". Ever since we were little, they spoon-fed us tales of princesses and princes and magical creatures and witches and such. I think that in some cases, the message that is sent to girls is a bit like "if you wait enough, Prince Charming will come". I don´t know how many girls actually live their lives out like that, but I´m sure that every girl has al one point in their post-adolescent life thought that it´d be great to be swept off one´s feet by your suitor. It just shows the influece that what we hear/read/listen to as children can affect our character.

    Also, I think that in some cases, a lot of the original meaning in a fairy tale, or the moral of the story, you could say, has been lost by all that versioning that has happened to make the fairytales more "geared towards children". So then you get stories in which the Little Mermaid doesn´t die (girls: don´t go off with just any guy, they might backstab you), and neither does Red Riding Hood (be more observant!), or things like that. And maybe children should learn that though many tales can end in "Happily Ever After", they aren´t all like that.....that´s just life.

    There´s been lots of "kiddifying" of traditional fairy tales, which seems to lead us to the thought that children today are quite sheltered....and we might be able to study the attitude of adults towards children through literature and fairy tales across the ages---see the concept of child go from "he´s a little adult" to the current outlook, which tends to try to lengthen childhood and adolescence as much as possible.

    Some of the morals that can be learned in these fairy tales are "cut" or "reedited" because they´re considered "too harsh" for children. What does that say about us, really, as a society? It´s quite interesting to think about.

    ....and I do believe I got a bit off topic there, but I hope at least something was helpful or led you to a productive train of thought. XD Thanks for letting me ramble....

  2. That was fantastic! And it's going to help me so much in my essay. Thank you!

  3. I don't know how helpful this is, but I agree with Laia Moon. At least, in the world of kids (is there such a world? XD). However, with teens they're just getting darker. The Gothic fairytale is a popular image amongst the lolita community and other teenagers (and young adults, come to think of it). The funny thing is that originally these fairy tales were more like that to begin with. Women cutting their toes off in Cinderella. A little girl eaten by a wolf in little red riding hood. An old hag instead of goldilocks. Yet somehow the dark fairytale has become glamorised and romanticised. Just look at the new (or not so new!) little red riding hood film. Again, not sure how helpful this is!