Of Festive Things to Come!~

Hello dears, how are you all? I'm doing fine this lovely Monday afternoon. It's cold as sin outside and though it isn't snowing anymore there are still flurries abound! *** Gotta love the snow! ***

I had a simultaneously awesome and terrible weekend. The awesome part is that I managed to snag some absolutely wonderful holiday fabric for making holiday Lolita garments. I got a few yards of a lovely deep green cotton, some plaid with a bit of shimmer, and I found a Skelanimals print Christmas fabric! I wish I had taken pictures, because it's super cute! If you're not familiar with the Skelanimals brand, this is it:

That's even an image of the fabric I got too. Isn't it adorable? I bet no one's ever tried such a cute punky little thing for a Christmas coordinate. I'm going to call it A Very Undead Christmas print/JSK. I'm totally excited to start working on it over winter break.

The terrible part of the weekend was going with my mom to the ER early Sunday morning (2 am) and being stuck there until 8:30 am. In the end, they couldn't figure out what was causing her chest pain and even though they theorized blood clots, nothing turned up on any tests. 

Anyways, I didn't get any sleep that night and then I stayed up all day Sunday in order to sort my hair out. I bleached it out (twice) on Saturday evening:

 This was Round 1. No real difference. Rawr.

Round 2 with a very intense blonding color I picked up at Walmart. $9 wasted. 

 This is what my hair is supposed to look like.

 See, it's supposed to lighten even the darkest hair. The fuck?

Kayla is not satisfied.

At any rate, I decided to go ahead and put my very festive holiday colors in. I left them in for about 5-6 hours and sadly I didn't get any photos of me with my shower cap and footie pajamas on. I looked like an alien, no joke!

Yes I look like a zombie, I hadn't slept in about 24 hours.

While I'm quite happy with how the green came along (and it took 20 minutes to rinse all the dye out) I'm a tad bit disappointed with the red. It ended up looking more orange than red after it dried, so I'll probably give the red another go this weekend while I'm working on my new sewing projects. Either way...it's gonna be awesome. <3

That's all, dears, I need to get back to my dreaded schoolwork. Finals are next week, you know? ^_~


  1. I love your new hair!! :D

  2. Love the colors of your hair! Especially the green.
    Finals are next week for me too. It sucks but at least we're that much closer to winter break.

  3. Hair dye takes a LOT of work to bleach out. It's ridiculous. Took me like seven times with four toners to finally get the red out of my fringe.

  4. @Sary: Depending on what I want to do with my hair after the holiday season is over, I might just use a color stripper to take the red and green out, then put a "normal" color over what's left, haha!