It Commences....*le death*

Alright, perhaps my title was a tad bit over-dramatic, seeing as I've done remarkably well on two of my final exams already. I'm not even that worried about the exam tomorrow and I have an entire week to study for the dreaded Maths. So I'm in a rather chipper mood this afternoon and I hope things are going well for the rest of you, also.

I finished up my holiday cards over the weekend and they're now in the mail. By the way, thank you for the lovely holiday post-card Zeruda. It was super cute! ^_^

As I said before, my Bodyline jsk arrived on Friday and although I wore it all of Sunday I completely forgot to take photos. Nevermind the fact that my batteries are slowing draining of life and I must purchase new ones. That's on my shopping list for this Friday, so no worries. I need batteries if I intend to wear Lolita all of winter break (and thus prove it).

Speaking of wearing fancy things, I bought a charming pair of shoes at Target last Saturday. I've been eyeballing them for over a month now and although I was waiting for the price to drop I ended up purchasing them at $29.99. Which isn't horrible....they ARE fantastic shoes. And they fit like a dream!

Aren't they beautiful? I can't wait to wear them for the Lolita Meetup this weekend. I already know exactly how to coordinate as well. Stay tuned for photos!

I'm participating in the Secret Santa portion of the meetup as well. I found out the person I'm buying for today and I'm quite delighted as I think it'll be quite simple and fun to shop for her. I'm also a little excited about what I'll be receiving. I've never done something like this before, as I've always been completely broke around the holidays.

Before I go, I wish to share something with you that I discovered over on MAF. It's a documentary about the Lolita's in Australia. Quite fun:

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  1. *has just fallen in love with your new shoes*