I realize that I promised a Christmas haul in my next entry, but I haven't finished taking photos of everything yet. So in the meantime, I'll give you all a bit of a head's up regarding my recent sewing projects.

Anyone remember that really cool green Skelanimals fabric I posted a while back? Yeah, well if you recall I was going to turn that into a jumperskirt. In light of my last sewing fiasco, I decided to play it safe and base the jsk off a pattern. Turns out, most patterns don't run very true to size and mine ended up being about three sizes too big once it was all finished. Indeed.....v_v

I did the best I could to fix it up without mucking it up too badly, but I'm still rather disappointed with it. It won't ever fit me properly (unless I go up about four cup sizes miraculously) and it looks nowhere near good enough to sell. C'est la vie.

I'm horrible when taking clothing photos, I do apologize. Never enough good light and nowhere to display things. My room is tiny.

Anyways....my plaid Christmas skirt with the elastic waist turned out much better. At least I can wear that and not feel completely incompetent.

And there you have it - did any of you make anything wonderful recently?


  1. That´s such a shame; that you won´t be able to wear it!! You know, you could just take it apart and resew, right? I can understand how unappealing that´d be though. I´d really have to love the fabric to make it worth it... This is why I always try my stuff on 40 times before I sew it....XD I´m paranoid (and I STILL make mistakes with measurements. *sigh*)

    You know, maybe you could try adding darts in the back of the dress to narrow it. It might work, combined with some darts in the front, where the princess seams are......it wouldn´t look as pretty, but it´d be perfectly wearable, I think.....

  2. that green dress, o_o looks amazing. I wish you success on your next creation! I would totally want one of your dresses, in the future. ^^