Alice and the Pirates - I love you!

Y'know, I used to avoid brand sites because I knew this would happen. I knew I'd start pining for things I could never afford. I knew I'd start to envy those that could. I knew I'd find all these beautiful things to put my own sewing skills to the test.

Here's the newest item I would love to covet but never will actually own:

La Fee de Rose Noire

The detail that's gone into this dress is just lovely. To me, it's like Old School - renewed. Better. Rejuvenated. There's stunning lace, epic corset lacing, ruffles galore, and roses. It's decidedly romantic and Gothic - what's not to love?

Roughly translated, the name of this item is The Fairy of Black Roses or Black Rose Fairy. I have a bit of a soft spot in my heart for the Fair Folk, so the name of this dress drew me right in. I adore all the details of this dress and I would love to coordinate it in so many ways.

However...there's a hitch. It's over $600 American dollars. So, I won't be buying it. Ever. Unless it goes on sale for a price below $300. Which is....unlikely.

Instead, I will simply keep the image in my head and perhaps one day sew myself up something with an equal amount of fine detail and decadence.

For more info on this unattainable beauty: http://www.babyssb.co.jp/reserve/108P306.html

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  1. You know in Kamikaze Girls when Momoko first sees a lolita dress and it shoots her old self? Pretty much me right now.
    "Black Rose Fairy..." It's like everything from the name to the gorgeously breathtaking design was made to lure me in! XD
    As regards detail and decadence, I have much to learn from this dress. *takes notes*