Giving Bodyline Another Go

I haven't bought anything from Bodyline for a long time now. Mostly due to financial issues on my end and a little bit because of their upped prices and no $20 shipping. I understand with how awful the economy is in Japan right now that they're gonna have to inflate their prices to stay in business, but I'm also curious to see how much their quality has improved.

So I opted to buy something that looks girly, delicate, and comfortable:

I went for the black version of this dress. The fabric looks very light and breezy, something that can be difficult to work with when sewing. So, basically, if this dress is a dream come true then I'm utterly convinced that Bodyline is on their level. I really adore the ruffles on the necklace as well.

I ended up ordering this as part of a group order for me and a friend here on campus. I placed the order and she sent me the money for her item plus half the shipping and I have to say...that was a GREAT way to go about it.

It probably won't arrive until after Halloween, sadly, but I'm still looking forward to receiving and wearing it.

While this dress would look great with my natural red hair color, I'm actually going to be sporting purple locks after Halloween and I'm really curious in what ways I can start incorporating purple into my Lolita wardrobe. It IS my favorite color, after all.

And what better way to start, then with this new dress, my purple hair, and a spooky pair of purple/black striped socks eh?

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