Style Inspire

Today's little cutie is one of America's classic child stars: Shirley Temple!

Classic pinafores, adorable little ringlet curls and the cutest smile to grace the silver screen!

To emulate Shirley Temple's style, curl your hair in tight ringlets. This looks especially adorable if you have shorter hair, but also looks great with long hair. If your hair doesn't curl well, there are a lot of Lolita wigs featuring ringlets. For added Shirley Temple cuteness, add a small ribbon or bow to your hair, a small one!

Wear dresses with short puffy sleeves, made of organza and shimmery satin, and add a pinafore. If you're an Alice fan, you probably already own one anyways. White socks or tights with Mary-Jane shoes are super cute! Prints like gingham and polka dots work well with Shirley Temple looks as well.

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