Lolita in Class: Part One

Well, I survived. I put on a very casual coordinate and scampered off to my classes. No one said a word to me. I got a lot of very strange looks though and some people outright stared. But that's not the part that bothers me.

What bothered me most were the cold stares and almost silent treatment I received when I gave my speech in CMST today. How alienating....I honestly wanted there to be someone who was curious about my style or equally curious about Japan. Nothing. Just blank nothing. How sad...

Anyways, my outfit consisted of an h.Naoto replica JSK, a sheer black blouse, black and grey striped knee socks and flats. Very basic, very simple, and surprisingly warm once the weather heated up here...Ugh. So I stripped it all off after class and settled for a t-shirt and shorts.

Blah. What a shit day.


  1. You looked so cute! I'm sorry no one even asked you about what you were wearing.

  2. They are silly people who have no appreciation for more original fashion styles. It´s a very cute coord!!