Friday: Music Spotlight

Today's musical spotlight is shining down on Demonika and the Darklings:

Demonika and the Darklings� music is a departure from most popular modern music, featuring violin in place of the traditional guitar. They create a unique sonic landscape of melancholy-tinged melodies and lyrical musings inspired by tales of the Redwood forests and personal growth.

Demonika�s voice is strong and soulful, invoking the energy of icons from the 60�s, such as Janis Joplin and Grace Slick.

The music, propelled forward by the rhythm section featuring DJ Darkly�s driving beats and coupled with Dv8�s melodic, solid bass lines, give the songs a danceable groove.

Devlyn on violin weaves through the songs seductively and snakelike. She gives the music an added warmth and emotion, and also provides a mirror to Demonika�s vocals and lyrics. Occasionally she adds a bit of mystery and darkness with wails and groans from a theremin.

Demonika and the Darklings cover two songs that are sure to attract interest from music fans unfamiliar with their music. Their cover of Justin Timberlake�s �Cry Me A River� proves that they can take on a song from a completely different genre and make it distinctly their own. With Ministry�s �Everyday is Halloween� they breathe new life into an old goth classic. 

More info about the band here and here

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  1. Sounds interesting, have to give them a listen =)