Outfit Snap

I was in a foul mood this morning, so to feel better I decided to dress up in a casual Lolita ensemble. I haven't worn this dress in forever and I was kind of longing to, so I threw it on, did some quick makeup, tossed on a hat and called it done. It's really casual, sans petticoat and socks, and probably not strictly "Lolita" to some, but I feel pretty wearing it and it certainly has a summer Victorian vibe to me, so whatever. Here goes:

~Dress - Bodyline~
~Hat - thrifted~
~Shoes - Target~
~Ring - Walmart~

Flowers! And yeah, I live in a trailer park. So what?


  1. I loved her outfit ,slobbered by her hat *O* Beautiful

  2. just wondering, can the long sleeves be taken on and off or did u permanently do that urself?