My Gothic Lolita Bedroom

Welcome to my Spooky Bedroom, muahahahahaa! 
Okay, not really, but I do have some stereotypical spooky decor, like spiders, Halloween lights, dangling skeletons, etc. See the sign on my door? Totally awesome right?

I apologize for the disheveled state of my room. Things have been chaotic what with sorting things out and packing for school, so the room may look a bit messy. Apologies. I just wanted to do an entry like this and show off my bedroom before I ship myself off the college on Saturday. 


Inside the door, on the left, you'll find my witchcraft altar. I have a crushed velvet purple altar cloth, a lamp, some candles, my Book of Secrets, my Faery Oracle cards wrapped in a lacy kerchief, and some photos of my grandmother as a young woman. Ancestor worship, yo!

Moving on, the closet is to the left (no doors - I had meant to drape heavy black curtains over it, but meh) and next to that is a tall cabinet I store most of my sewing supplies in. I have a body form (mine of course) sitting on a small table next to that. Today it's dressed in a purple t-shirt, a black faux-leather vest, and a top hat. ^_~

I have an Asian floor cabinet full of stuff next to my sewing desk. Above the desk sits a spider-web Halloween light set. The spider in the middle is named Matilda. ^_^  Again, I apologize for all the crap littering my desk and whatnot. 

Over my window hangs a lightweight, black damask curtain. In front of that dangles my skeleton buddy, Victor. He glows in the dark. 

Yup, I have a futon. It's covered with a handmade quilt my grandma sewed for me a long time ago. Sentimental value and all that. I've also got a slew of plushies hanging out on the bed.

And back around. Oh look, it's Mom's cat! 

Thanks for viewing. My room is pretty small, but I did what I could with it.

Walls: Purple with black trim
Curtains: Black Damask
Decor: Halloween and Goth inspired
Main color scheme: Purple and Black


  1. Your bedroom looks really nice! I really like your altar, very pretty. ^_^

  2. @VelvetBat - Thank you! <3

  3. Your room is so awesome! The walls, your alter, and all your spooky friends.
    Next give us a tour of you closet?

  4. @Kitty - Sadly, my closet is looking pretty pathetic. Most of my clothes are in boxes ready to head off to college.

  5. It looks really good, I find it so hard decorating my room :/