30 Days of Lolita - Day 7

Day 7 - 10 People Who Inspire Your Lolita Style

Oh dear, I have to come up with 10? I'm not sure I even personally know of 10 different Lolitas, unless I count all the lovely Bloggers I follow here. I suppose I can start there!

1. The Dark Victorian - a fellow redheaded Goth darling, her coordinates inspire me so much and the best part is that she works primarily without brand. Which is fantastic! 

2. The Midnight Ballroom - her sewing skills are fantastic and I love the beautiful garments she creates. Very inspiring, indeed.

3. Zeruda - a true Classic Lolita, whenever I feel like straying away from the safety of my black wardrobe, she's definitely my inspiration for beautiful outfits.

4. Caro-chan - I always get such lovely ideas from her Blog posts! ^_^

Venturing away from Blogger now....

5. CharlotteCharm of Livejournal:

6. chokelate from Livejournal:

7. Jola from Livejournal:

8. iiraliina from Livejournal:

9. Voodo Dolly from Livejournal:

Last, but not least, my old friend Eemeraude: Eemeraude@Youtube

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