A Woeful Rant....Ye Be Warned!

Warning, the following content is personal, probably a bit selfish, and not cheery.

I apologize for the lack of updating on this blog. I used to write semi-interesting entries once upon a time but I've clearly fallen from grace as I'm lucky if I get one comment per entry these days....blogging is hard. No really...for every well-to-do Lolita blog out there, there are thousands more that are crap and struggling. Much like this one.

I try to place blame - my camera sucks and so my outfits posts won't get any attention because I don't have model quality photos, I don't sew and sell EPIC and AMAZING Lolita pieces. I can't afford to buy new pieces (let alone brand) and post reviews all the time like some people. I'm not involved in my local Lolita community because I can't afford to travel to see them. I stopped posting How-To Articles because who wants to take advice from some impoverished girl who can't afford new and pretty things to experiment with?

I know this is a lot of self-pitying whining and if you don't like it, kindly fuck off. Remove yourself as my follower as well, because clearly you're an insensitive person and I don't want you here anyways....

But these things really and genuinely do get me down about myself as a Lolita and myself as a Blogger. I'm beginning to feel as though I have nothing to contribute and no reason to really network with any of you lovely girls (or guys). I feel unworthy. 

I just...don't know what to do anymore. I'm at the end of my rope these days.....


  1. I myself think that everything I write in my blog is utter babble but I made a promise to myself when I started my blog saying, "Write about what I love and adore at the current moment and hopefully my love will rub off onto my writing." So basically I don't write for my readers (sorry reader's) I write for myself.

    I really hope you feel better.

    P.S. I really like your blog and think your outfit's, no matter the quality of the photo, are adorable. <3

  2. I really do enjoy your blog and most of the reasons are the reasons you listed you don't like. I think it's great how you pull together outfits that aren't the "newest, greatest brand". You take the time to explore what you already have and make it new. And who cares about photo quality, sometimes I post cell phone pics.
    I wont lie though, I'm in a blogging rut too. I haven't posted in weeks....