Project: Aqua Plaid Dress

I've had this fabric lying around in my room for the past month or so, knowing exactly what I wanted to make with it, but finding neither the time nor the "equipment." Of course, now that I have a semi-working sewing machine I set out to complete the task.

I am making a fitted onepiece that has an elastic back, based quite heavily on a tutorial I actually found on If Alice Were Into Platforms. Because it's genius and involves no zippers. ^_^ I'm going to put some embellishments on the bodice though I haven't quite decided what yet.

I started out with the bodice pieces today. It took me forever to get my measurements just right and draft a pattern and the result is actually a little less that satisfactory so I may have to rework that next time around....

The longer piece is the back side, which I'm going to shirr by using thin strips of elastic. I've never actually done that before so I'm sure it'll be a neat experience and I hope it works out.

So...this is phase one. Stay tuned for more updates on my sewing project! 

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