Monday Mania

A belated Happy International Lolita Day to you all. I had little access to my computer over the weekend, so I was unable to make a post. Anywhere for that matter. I'm rather behind on all my internet stuff.

My ILD....was non-existent. I spent the weekend at my boyfriend's place and seeing as he didn't crawl out of bed until 4 pm on Saturday....well I didn't really see the point in dressing up for a couple hours only to take it all off and shower clean afterwards. So I spent four hours waiting for him to wake up by reading a really shoddy Ann Rice novel. Meh. 

I swear, I'm officially spending my future ILD's at home, alone. At least I'll have time to get dressed, drink tea, read a GOOD book, and maybe bake something - without having to worry about someone else accommodating to my schedule. 

As far as my sewing project....I've scrapped it. I don't have enough fabric to redo the bodice and I got so frustrated I nearly tossed the unfinished bits in the trash. Seriously. I don't mean to throw myself a pity party here, but I can't sew for shit even though I've had years of practice. I mean, if you don't have all the sewing notions you need to make something awesome it just doesn't happen. And this fabric I had was discounted, I couldn't afford more than that. So no lace, no zippers, definitely not the right kind of elastic...I had to cut strips down to size. Don't do it, your elastic will literally start unraveling. =/

I may use the skirt sections to just make the skirt part and leave it at that though. But I'm fairly positive there will never be a dress out of this.

Which is sad, because I had this image in my mind of how it was supposed to look and I sort of failed it. 

Other than my weekend being mostly boring shit, I had a few fun moments, like what Chris and I went for a walk around town and stopped in a local grocery to get some cakes and stuff that were on sale. I love lemon flavored things and it was nice to get a lemon cake.

I also got him to start watching Inuyasha, but knowing how he is, he'll probably give up about five episodes in. I think he's really not cut out for anime. Then again....these days neither am I. 

Well, have a lovely week girls!

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