Wearing Lolita to College

I'm not an everyday Lolita. I can admit this. I do wear it often, yes, and I love reading about it and browsing websites featuring it even while dressed in a short summer dress and sandals.  But while I can get away with it pretty well enough in my small little Minnesota town, I wonder how well my occasional OTT Gothic Lolita will fare once I head off to university.

St. Cloud is a decent sized city. It boasts some good restaurants, one of the more decent malls, and a fantastic university campus, which I will (hopefully) be living at this autumn. However, I have no idea if there are any Lolitas who live in that area or not. I certainly haven't heard about any and I've done my research!

If Lolita is completely foreign to St. Cloud's campus, what kind of reactions am I going to get from fellow students and staff? Will my dorm roommate totally freak out the first time I throw on my black Bodyline dress and a pair of frilly socks? Am I going to face sneers and insulting comments?

You know what? I'm not sure I care. I'm going to this place to get an education...I'm not going to worry too much about what my peers are doing, wearing, or even saying about me. Who knows...I may even inspire some people to start dressing differently....maybe?

Are any of my readers university students? Have any of you ever lived in a dormitory? What kind of reactions did you get whilst wearing your Lolita?


  1. I'm literally about to start beauty school, and I have strict a uniform. >> Though even when I get a job I think I won't wear too much lolita... I mean unless I could be ultra careful about not getting dye, ect. on my dresses! xD
    What do you plan to major in BTW?

  2. I remember the first time I wear lolita to college, my lecturers and fellow students were shocked, but they were all pretty receptive and many thought my outfits were cute, even though they were not aware of lolita fashion in general. My roommate was great; she even helped me make decisions when it comes to buying new lolita outfits. I guess I'm lucky in terms of that :)

    Hope you'll get positive response from the students and staffs at your uni too! You might end up being a fashion icon or something over there XD

  3. @Kaitlyn: I'm planning to major in English and minor in East Asian Studies, so that I can teach English in Japan one day. ^_^

    As for wearing Lolita to work, you could get yourself a really cute but cheap frilly apron to wear no?

    @alice: Thanks for the insight!

  4. That's pretty cool! I bet other people in the East Asian studies classes would probably know what lolita is. That's a cute idea! I'll have to try that when I'm out of school :)