Thursday Again....oh noes!

Dear me, it's been almost a week since my last post. I do apologize. But the weather has been so up and down and I've been so busy sorting out "THE FUTURE" that I haven't had time to really dress up in or focus on Lolita. Again, apologies.

But as it's Thursday, I figured I would toss in a post about all the things I'm currently very happy with this week:

~ Applying (for the second time) to university and not having to pay an app fee.~
~ Japanese penpals, especially Kota. He's cool. ^_^ ~
~ Listening to old Spice Girls CDs.~
~ Iced green tea.~
~ Watching my boyfriend play League of Legends. Vayne is the coolest new champion he plays.~
~ Sewing things and actually having motivation to do so.~
~ Plans for the future, they're nice.~
~Allergy relief pills. I no longer feel like I have the worst cold of my life when I step outside.~


In keeping with the theme I have running, I will post another Music Spotlight tomorrow, I'm just not sure which artist or band should be featured. Oh wait....yes I do!


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