Of Other Places to Shop?

Some of you probably weren't with this blog long enough to remember, but some of you might recall one time where I posted a rather hideous looking pink Lolita dress where the model was wearing dark purple lipstick? Well, I went back to the VampireFreaks clothing web-shop to see if it was still there and thankfully...it's not.

Instead, I found some items that might actually work in a serious Gothic Lolita wardrobe. Be prepared for some ghastly prices and note that I would personally never shop there, but some of these dresses give me ideas for things I could make myself.

The Broken Promises dress from Lip Service - $89.99

The Lala Dress from Hell Bunny - $98.99

The Psycho Cameo Dress from Hell Bunny - $64.99

There's also the Dark Delphina Jacket for $55.99, from Lip Service. And there is an assortment of cute Alice in Wonderland plushies now on sale.

I actually really like the assymetrical cut of the first dress and the fabric. It's quite lovely, but would look much better if it actually fit the model properly. Oh well.

What do you all think?


  1. I adore that first dress. The fabric, the asymmetry... *covets*

  2. I know, it's pretty right?

  3. I really like the Cameo dress, that could totally be a great gothic lolita jumper