Music Spotlight

Sometimes I ******* hate Blogger. I had a lovely post yesterday about all the new stuff going on in my life and now it's just...gone. Rawr.

Edit: It seems that entry has reappeared. ^_^

Anyways, in that post, I promised another music spotlight and since I haven't done or worn anything remotely related to Lolita this week I might as well just go ahead with that and skip everything else.

exist†trace - are a Japanese metal band of the visual kei style, and consisting entirely of female members. They're from Tokyo, Japan, and initially formed in June 2003.

Their music can be described as melodic death metal, with vocalist Jyou's growls and shouts throughout many songs, which contributes to their dark undertone. Their guitar sound often features heavy distortion and technically virtuosic riffs and solos. Their sound is heavily focused on their bass and drumming, which helps define their musical style. The lyrics are mainly based on gothic themes, and their music style has resemblance to gothic metal.

One of the guitarists, Miko, is especially adorable and employs a sort of Gothic Lolita style in their music videos.

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