Monday Mania

Hola Amigos!

Christ, I look like hell in that photo don't I? Well I suppose that's what happens when you barely get any sleep over the weekend. Dealing with hardcore stress, anxiety, and midnight storms can do that to a person.  

My family's in a real financial pickle right now. We might not be able to make lot rent this month and therefore we might get evicted. If and when this happens, I really have no idea where I'm going to end up before I can ship my ass (and half my stuff) to a dorm room. So I'm doing everything within my power to make sure this doesn't happen, which includes giving up my last $125 officially being broke. Rawr.

I also need to take care of a bunch of school stuff, which is NOT helping with the stress levels. I've been suffering from an anxiety attack all week, no lie. I can barely breathe half the time. 

On a brighter note, I managed to finish my Spring Bunny Lolita Skirt last Thursday. ^_^

It's pretty simple since I don't have any lace or fancy trims, but it IS two-tiered and a nice lightweight fabric for summer. Pair with a fluffy chiffon petticoat and it's perfect for any heat or humidity. 

Moving on, I finally got around to taking photos and putting this up for sale:

It's a Bodyline cardigan that came in one of my previous orders ( a long time ago) and I was dismayed to discover that my boobs are simply too big for it. I'm a thin girl, don't get me wrong, but I inherited my mom's larger breasts and so a lot of these things apparently won't fit. So I decided to sell it rather than leave it sit in my closet.

Here's the deal, if anyone here wants it, you lovely ladies of Blogger get first dibs. Just leave me a comment with your paypal information and I'll invoice you! ^_^  I intend to charge $12 US for this and shipping will be cheap, I promise. If I don't get a comment from anyone within a week, I'll probably put it up somewhere else, m'kay? 

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