Releasing Old Prints Again

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I'm sure just about everyone has heard about AP's second release of Sugary Carnival by now. While I'm not a fan of Sweet Lolita nor do I care much about prints, how many of them there are, and what they sell for - I think this is an interesting topic.

Anyways, it always seems like a brand will do another release of a popular print only when there are a lot of replicas floating around. It seems to be a way to counteract that sort of thing and make sure that people are only buying the "true" brand version. But you know, if a print is going to be so popular and it sells out right away you'd think that these brands would be prepared and have another release or restock already lined up.

Because replicas are inevitable.

So another release, like AP's Sugary Carnival or Melty Chocolate, is great for people who missed it the first time around. Now they don't have to skulk around the egl_comm_sales community and pray someone is going to sell it for under $700.  For those who do intend to scalp these poor consumers and up the price to ridiculous amounts, a second release is bad. It's also bad for those who got screwed paying that $700 for a dress they believed would never be on the market again.

That's why I'm saying Lolita brands should be a little less exclusive about their prints and how many they make or sell. This is a fashion that anyone should be able to get their hands on if they truly desire it. Why should only those who keep their eyes and wallets glued to a brand site or shopping service have access?

What do you think?

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  1. I really agree with you! Lolita should be for everyone. And everyone should be able to wear their favorite print. I don't like lolita being "exclusive" :/