Monday Mania

First and foremost...

Thanks so much to all my followers. I finally have 50 now which means I should probably do something special. Well, how about this -- once I get a sewing machine I'll make something awesome for a give-away. Everyone loves give-aways right?

Moving on, Moondust Sprinkles is having a give-away on her blog! In honor of her graduating fashion school, she is giving away a gorgeous OP of her own design and making, called the Felicity OP. It really is something and would be a wonderful addition to anyone's wardrobe. It's also available on her shop, but if you enter her give-away you could win a free one! 

Beautiful isn't it? Enter here:  Moondust Sprinkles: Upcoming Graduation Give-Away!

Now for my weekly update: Honestly, I didn't do much over the week. Well, I made a trip to the thrift store on foot, which drew quite a few stares. Although I don't know why, I was in a pretty toned down Goth coordinate. Anywho, I managed to find two nice cardigans for under $10. This is why I adore thrift shops, mhmm. 

The weekend was horrendous. It rained, both Chris and I were in horrible moods, plus I had a migraine all of Sunday. I'm really hoping things look up this week. I really want to dress up this week and if the weather doesn't cooperate that won't be fun at all. I've really been enjoying this warm and sunny thing going on as of late. But I hear it's supposed to rain and possibly even snow again - oh no! 

No photos of the cardigans yet, or of my new shoes from Target ^_^, but I'll take some soon. Laterz~

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