A transition, moving forward 2011

Dear ladies, I must apologize for I have not updated this blog in quite some time and I actually have much to say. The new year is bringing many changes and I imagine many of them will be for the best and will serve to enrich my life and make it more of the fairytale that I want it to be.

First, I will begin by freeing myself from the gilded cage I live in. Now, I may hit the ground and break my wings upon doing so, but the chance of being able to fly once more is worth the risk.

I also plan to acquire quite a few more Lolita items for my closet, since I intend to do some cleanup on my current wardrobe. A lot of my clothing will be going to donations or getting tossed out. Once my regular wardrobe is slimmed down I'll have lots of room for pretty new Victorian things. ^_^

As you can see, I have a charming new layout. I used to rather dislike pink, but I think it's beginning to grow on me as a color. I would still never wear it, of course, since it just doesn't look good with my skin tone. But otherwise I quite adore certain shades of pink.

I left all my darling Lolita gear in Minnesota, so I won't be wearing any of it for some time. Not until I get back to Minnesota anyways. So please don't be expecting any daily outfit snaps, even though I'm certain I promised them a few entries back.

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday and New Years. I know I sure did!

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