Tea for the Lolita with a Cold

Most of us Lolitas are very fond of tea. We often indulge in a nice steaming cup of Earl Grey or perhaps a pretty rose petal infusion but aside from being delicate and lady-like tea has a very wonderful use. Herbal teas are often consumed when one is sick with a cold or suffering a sore throat.

And girls, I am sick. I have chills one moment and hot flashes the next. I feel like death. So what was my solution? Well, to put on my most comfortable pair of pajama pants and make a pot of tea of course!

I didn't make just any tea though. I made my favorite Earl Grey and then I sliced up an orange and slipped one slice into the tea cup. I know, I know...it's supposed to be lemon but oranges have so much vitamin C and they sweeten up the tea perfectly!

So I advise you to give this a try next time you're feeling a case of the sniffles coming on. Add a little slice of orange to your cup of tea (which would be your preference of course, you don't have to use Earl Grey at all) and boost your immune system!


  1. That's a good idea. So sorry to hear you're sick, though. :(

  2. As you suggested that orange and Earl Grey were tasty together,yesterday at work I steeped a bag of Orange Spice tea in with my Earl Grey...and it was fantastic! Thank you for finally making me believe that I can mix and match with my Earl Grey just like how I do with my herbals! Before, I've always thought that Earl Grey was too...dark(?) to have many things complement its taste.
    I hope you feel better!