Greenery for Winter

So I've made yet another purchase from Bodyline. My first dress arrived safely in Minnesota. I asked my mom to take it out of it's packaging to inspect it for any damage or disrepair and since it ended up being fine, she hung it up in my closet to air out. Lovely.

So, silly me, I bought something else. It was another item I've sort of been pining over. Basically since before Christmas, as I figured it would be stunning for a winter coordinate:

I decided to get this set in the green colorway. Everyone agreed that it would work best with my fair complexion and red hair, so that's the one I went for. I love the idea of capelets and green is such a lovely color for me. It's dark enough that I won't feel too out of my element and I'm sure I can easily coordinate it with black instead of a white blouse.

In addition to that, I opted to add a nice little hair corsage to my order. I don't have much in the way of pretty hair things and I think they're quite important.

Black, naturally. ^_^ Although I might spring for the beige one someday if I delve deeper into Classic.
Currently, I'm just sitting on my computer and waiting for my darling friend Chris to return to MSN messenger. I'm also drinking Earl Grey tea, to which I've added cinnamon to give it a little kick. Cinnamon is good for the immune system anyways and since I'm overcoming a minor cold I figured why not?

I've also started mentally redesigning my bedroom. You see, when I move back into my mom's place I have free reign over how I want my room to look. I'm still not certain yet if my younger brother is going to switch rooms with me or not though...but I've already decided on a color scheme.

I've chosen a nice lavender color for my walls. And since the walls are "paneled", with little strips in between sections, I've decided to paint the panels black. It will have a pseudo-pinstripe look. Which I adore.

I plan to either get a nice black futon or one of those gorgeous day-beds. Whatever ends up being cheaper. My comforter will be a rich and dark purple with black accent throw pillows.

Furniture will be black and as ornate as I can afford, haha. So that's my design and color scheme. Darkly Victorian and purple. I love it.

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  1. Sounds like you have some exciting plans! I can't wait to hear/see more. I'm planning to redo my room too, though it's been a bit slow just cleaning it. -_- Blackly ornate furniture/knicknacks/whatever would be a dream, though.