Minne-snow-ta: It's great to be back...

...kind of.

My trip was delayed a bit due to bad weather in Minneapolis, so I had to bum it out in the Chicago terminal for two days. That was a nightmare. But I finally made it safely to the cities and then my mother's nice and cozy home in Buffalo, MN. Whew.

I copped out and did not wear anything remotely related to Lolita during my trip and thank goodness for that. Can you imagine sleeping on a cold bus station floor in a nice skirt? Me either, hence my ironic foresight.

But I took photos along the way!

Quebec was nice and sunny when I departed early Friday morning....

And they had plenty of snow...!

Upstate New York, however, really didn't.

But mountains are nice to look at so it's all good.

In a little town just before Albany, we stopped at a Pizzeria/Diner that also served as a bus stop for Greyhound. On this side of the bus, I was able to take a photo of the old warehouses. They look like they were built in the 1800s.

Early Saturday morning, just outside of Toledo.

At a rest stop in Ohio, I was able to get myself a nice Chai Latte. Damn, I missed that stuff.

Illinois had snow! Weird how it seems to skip some places hmm?

Well, when I arrived at the Chicago terminal, I was dismayed to discover that my bus had been canceled because of a severe snowstorm in Minnesota. So I camped out here with my luggage and took a photo of the inside of the Chicago Greyhound Station.

And this was the line-up. Outgoing buses to Milwaukee were door 13. Minneapolis was 14...our line didn't move. At all.

On Sunday, the wind started whipping the little bit of snow everywhere and we were convinced the snowstorm was gonna hit here too.  But it didn't.

When I got a coffee early on Monday, I noticed that the cap not only had English and Spanish, but it also says "hot" in French! Yay!

Finally, leaving Chicago. You have no idea how relieved I was.

The city skyline. Good riddance.

In Wisconsin, we started to see more snow.

  And then finally....a lot more snow.

But I DID make it here in one piece, so all is well that ends well. And since I brought a ton of Lolita gear with me (and I'm sure there's a full length mirror here somewhere...) expect some frequent outfit snaps!

I hope you're all enjoy the winter weather as much as I am (har har) and that you have a great holiday season. I don't know how much actual posting I'll do, but I will keep up with all your blogs. Ja ne~


  1. I'm glad you made it safely home. I can't imagine having to camp out for two days in a bus station! ^^'
    Anyway, nice pics! I miss the winter weather that I used to get in Kentucky...lol

  2. :o MN has gotten lots of snow recently! Glad to hear you got home safe :3