Loli-fying a Small Town

So I've been asking around and it turns out that I'm really the only Lolita in Buffalo, Minnesota. Unless of course there's some ruffle-butt here storing her frills so far back in the closet they've got moth-eaten holes in them....but I find that rather unlikely.

There's a plethora of a scene kids running around in neon Hot Topic tutus though. That's just sad.

But it hasn't deterred me. I've been wearing Lolita out pretty much everyday since I've been here. Granted, I still don't have batteries for my camera so I've been letting my mom use her cellphone to snap some outfit shots. They don't turn out particularly well, but at the very least I can take some photos of daily coordinates.

This was last Friday's lovely Gothic-Punk coordinate. I ended up not wearing the mini top hat and traded it in for a small velvet hair bow.

I wore my black RHS and got quite a few comments on them. Which I found silly...I could easily wear my giant platform boots around town last year and no one batted an eye. I traipse around on these cute little Westwood knock-offs and everyone sees them. Crazy.

See? Hair bow. I didn't have the right settings on my phone, so the stupid pics came out blue tinted. I don't get why they do that...

My legs look so thin in this photo. It makes me giggle, because I don't normally think of myself as thin, even though I really am.

I probably should have done something with my hair. It's curled right now, but as I don't even plan on getting dressed today it's kind of pointless. ^_^

This is the simple coordinate I put together on Saturday when my cousin came over to help us bake holiday cookies.

It was my handmade beige dress (and new bow embellishment) with a black blouse underneath, black otk socks, hair bow, and some simple jewelry.

I had purchased some foundation the day before and so I used that with my regular "au naturel" makeup routine. ^_^

Hard to tell I'm even wearing makeup, since again my phone sucks with photos, but I had foundation, pressed powder, some shimmery cream eyeshadow with a bit of black eyeliner and mascara.

In addition, I'd put my hair up into a high ponytail and then curled it. It was very cute, but hard to see in this photo.

Totally crap-tastic angle, but at least you can see the full coordinate. It was very comfortable and just right for baking cookies!

It's snowing again today and it looks so pretty outside. I hope the rest of you are enjoying the winter weather!

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  1. Hm, I think you might be the only one in Buffalo, but are you on the mn_rufflebutts comm on LJ? I haven't been as active on our comm since I moved :P But you can ask on there! I used to think I was the only lolita too, but then I found others! Well, we all live sort of far apart, but at least we could still have meetups :)