Happy December 1st!

Happy December First, Lolitas! We're now counting down to Christmas (or in my case, Yule) and the holiday season makes everything seem more magical. It also makes it a lot more fun to wear Lolita.

Well it WOULD be fun if it were snowing and pretty instead of raining and gross. But I digress. I like wearing Lolita in the colder months simply because I like layering. I can wear bloomers and tights, knee socks and skirts, blouses and cardigans, etc. And head gear! A cute pair of ear muffs (which are on my shopping list this month) make for a great wintery hair accessory.

I'll even find some to prove it to you!

allthingscupcake has these up:

Cute little cupcakes make for great Sweet Lolita ear muffs!

These are really festive, Santa Muffs:

They might only work during Christmas though, they're a bit OTT for anything else.

Animal ear muffs coordinating with your favorite animal print dress or JSK is always fun:

(Although I don't know where you'll find panda JSK. o.O)

There are a lot of Etsy sites that sell Lolita-inspired ear muffs, so check them out! I don't know if any of the major brands do ear muffs or not, but I'm sure most of you ladies know more about that anyways so good luck!

You know, I like hats. I really do. But hats (or winter hats) tend to interfere with these blunt bangs I have laying across my face. And the perfect way to preserve a cute hairstyle AND keep your delicate ears warm are with muffs. So, like I said - they're definitely on my shopping list.


  1. You certainly have a point. Whenever my bangs get too long and I have to clip them to the sides, it tends to interfere with hats.
    I may not be Sweet, but those panda earmuffs are kinda cute. lol ^^

  2. I think so too. But to be honest, I like the cupcake ones more...now if they were just Gothic Cupcakes!