The Practicality of Wearing a Coat

With the onset of colder weather for most of us, we're scrambling to make sure we're warm enough when we go out. I know I am, at least. I admit that I have a rather nice and long green coat that's perfect for winter (and frankly, looks awesome with classic lolita) but I'm lacking a bit in matching winter accessories. 

What I wouldn't give for a cute pair of earmuffs and perhaps some darling gloves to match. But I digress.

Today my topic is, ironially, not coats. Rather, I want to gush over my new-found love of cloaks and capelets. I have a few capelets of the crocheted variety but I really really really want a cute winter one for Lolita. 

Surely, you see the appeal of a cape right? They flair out to accommodate skirts of all poof and you don't have to worry about smashing the sleeves of your blouse into constricting coat sleeves. And...if you get a nice and thick one made of some warm and heavy material they're just as cozy as a fluffy lolita coat.

So I have decided on my next sewing project. I intend to make myself a darling capelet with faux fur trim. I have no idea where I'm gonna get the fabric or fur, but this is definitely on my priority sewing list. If it turns out well perhaps I'll make a few more and sell them on Etsy.

What do you think? Would you wear a capelet or cloak with your lolita?


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  2. Yes! Cloaks are the best :)
    I made a velveteen capelet for my halloween costume with the hopes that I would wear it in the winter with some coords.

  3. My friend has that F+F capelet, it's super soft and cozy. I made a capelet last year, but it doesn't have the right shape, this has inspired me to try again!

  4. Yes! Cloaks have always been one of my great loves! ^^ And more recently, capelets. Now you've made me want to go sew up a few... We can all be the Capelet Club. ;D