28 Days 'Til Halloween!

So my birthday was quite hectic and interesting. I crawled out of bed around 7:30 am to curl my hair and get dressed. This isn't exactly what I wore, but it's the best I could find on Polyvore on such short notice. I tried to take a photo with my cellphone, but it was crap and so I shall refrain from posting it here. ^_^

Birthday Outfit Mockup

Anyways,  we took the bus to McDonald's and got breakfast sandwiches on the way to the boy's grandparent's house. At 8 in the morning, a lot of people will look at you strangely when you're decked out in frilly gear and red lipstick. Seriously.

So I spent a good portion of the morning scrubbing bathrooms, dusting, and mopping. Don't worry, I removed the frills during this time. The boy's grandmother gave me a lovely handmade card and $20 so I actually have some Canadian cash to spend here! ^_^
Then we cleaned up his Dad's place and waited for him to come home so we could go out shopping and to dinner.

 Some backstory:  The boy's grandparent's pay him to come clean their house for them every two weeks because they're too old to really do it themselves. Fair enough. I just don't know how I got roped into doing it too. And now the boy's dad pays us to clean his place too.
Moving on....in a fit of nostalgia...I demanded to be taken the Wal-mart for my birthday. You heard me right...Wal-mart. Seriously though, they have lots of cute jewelery and all the Halloween stuff is out now. So we cruised through that and then stopped in at a Dollarama. I ended up getting a new pair of tights, some incense, and a crown-shaped ring. That's pretty much it.

For supper, we went out to Three Amigos which is the best Mexican restaurant in the city. I was most definitely the only Lolita there and probably wearing more clothing than any other girl in the joint. Even though it was only 51 degrees F. Pfft. So again, more wierd stares.
The food was great, company was excellent. Overall, I had a good birthday.

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  1. Sounds like a great birthday. ^^ I like that coordinate--red and black is one of my favorite combos.