Photo Update

Well, dear readers, I finally have photographs for all of you concerning my Ebay order that arrive from Hong Kong a few days ago. Unfortunately, as I have no live batteries for my digital camera, I had to improvise and use my ancient cellphone to take the pics. After which I had to transfer them to my micro SD card and then move them to the computer.

But ultimately, here they are:

This is the Punk Rave blouse I've been eying for some time now. The lace really isn't dark blue, my camera phone just distorts colors a bit. Anyways, it's a lovely blouse and I am over the moon about that jabot. It's huge!

Again...what's with the blue? The ribbons are black, obviously. These are Montreal brand rocking horse shoes from ling_lam on Ebay. I ordered a size 8.5-9 and they're a perfect fit. I had to break them in a bit for a few days though, but that goes for all shoes.

I was sent white socks instead of black. : ( So we emailed ling_lam and told her about the mix up. She's sending me a pair of black socks and I get to keep the white ones free of charge. Isn't that great? I'm sure I'll find a use for these cute white socks anyhow.

I was unfortunately outbid on the wa-lolita kimono, so I won't be receiving one of those any time soon....but next time I see one up for bid I might snag it.

Now that I have photo abilities, please stay tuned for some coordinate posts. I have lots of new stuff to try on and wear!

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