Long Live Otakuthon!!

I was singing a very different tune just a few days ago....thinking of quitting Otakuthon and such. Bah!

Opening Ceremonies was pretty cute...I won't post the whole thing with everyone's speech, but I found a video with the Pokemon cosplay dance...they were cute!

Also...the Death Note dance at the Closing Ceremonies was pretty epic as well!

For a little taste of just how difficult it was to swim through the sea of cosplayers...try this guy's video.

And I must apologize, I was unable to get any photos of what I wore since on Friday morning, I dropped one of my camera batteries down the sink (don't ask) and was unable to take photos or videos of anything. Which, to be honest, fucking sucked.

But on a whole the weekend was a great success and I made a couple of new friends, note-worthy being Stu Levy (founder and owner of TokyoPop) and Quinton Flynn (voice of Kon in Bleach, Axel in Kingdom Hearts, and Reno in Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, etc) as well as Sara Mayhew ( her manga Secrets of Sorcerers is BADASS!) and Scott Melzer who runs his own department at Otakon. Seriously, the best thing about being a Guest Liaison is actually meeting all the guests of honor and getting the privilege of conversing with them outside of the panel or Q&A setting.

I'm keeping my eyes open for any photos that may have been taken of me during the con. If I find them...I'll put them up here!

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